Freedome on Android hasn't scanned my apps in over a month

CSPariah Posts: 2 Observer

A friend reported that an app we both use might have malware in it, and I said, "No, if there was a problem Freedome would have caught it." Then I went to doublecheck and lo and behold most of my apps are pending scan, and none have been scanned since April 28.


Unless I'm missing something there doesn't seem to be any way to force a scan or scan a specific app. Does the VPN need to be active for this to work? 


This is on a Google Pixel 2 XL. I'm running Freedome v2.5.0.7427 on Android 8.1.




  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi CSPariah,


    VPN doesn’t need to be on for App Security to work.


    It might be one of the two possibilities below which may have caused this scenario:

    1. Is your App security turned off? If it is not turned on, you are not protected against harmful apps.

    2. Is the App Security configured to work only in Wi-Fi or with both Wi-Fi and Data network?

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