Scan sticking on 97%

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Full PC scan sticks on 97% when it then seems to check a single file every few seconds.

Used on 3 PCs with no problems on the other two.

Any advice please?

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    With my experience -> some files may take a lot of time for be scanned (for example, three hours or so).

    With my system (where I do checks more often) - entire "Full Scan" is about large count of hours.


    "Virus Scan" is a brief scan for critical system places; And with "Full Scan" - entire system is scanned.

    If it is visible which files are scanned (or where) during this Full Scan timeframe - possible to doublecheck that Context Manual scan (by rightclick directory/folder -> Scan by F-Secure) will be with such delay also.


    If so -> maybe it is specific location or file/files with too much many resources and scan it take a lot of time. Potentially, if it is safe/valid/trusted ones -> possible to exclude them from scanning and Full Scan will be much more brief action. But it is not really fix or explanation - so Support advice is much more good.





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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Just like potential feelings (and maybe it is good to contact their official Support Channels:; chat as example. For proper investigation with logs and other related information):


    -> did you check how long it? For example, after hour, two hours or six hours? Still such situation?

    -> does it possible to play with Scan options (like check 'scan only known type of files' and uncheck 'scan inside archives')? Any changes (if it was not with such configuration)?

    -> does it visible that it is only one file re-scanned over and over.

    Or it is one file but scanning is about resources of file?



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    1. More than 1 hour...I use supplementary applications as a check.

    2. I unticked the options but no difference.

    3. It indicates different files.

    This only happens on 'Full Computer Scan'.

    If I do a simple 'Virus Scan' it finishes in under two minutes.


    May well go to direct support as you advise.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks Ukko fully understood.

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