Clean Up and reorganize whole community

JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer

Have you thought about reorganizing and cleaning up of the whole community(obsolete threads and issues etc)...


  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hello JOnes,


    Could you please elaborate on your idea? Please let us know which board are you referring to for reorganizing and cleanup.


    The community is constantly looked upon for any duplicate posts or spam messages. Any posts in the wrong boards are also moved to the correct board. We do constantly monitor the community and do the necessary organizing/cleanup as and when needed.

  • JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer



    Couple enhancements to consider: 


    -The obsolete and very old(and solved) threads could  be archvied more strictly

    -Product release bulletins could have their own boards(Sense,Safe,Freedom,Key)

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