Microsoft updates KB2999226

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my wifes Laptop Toshiba. New updates last week 24/05/2018 removed a number of programs including Fsecure safe. when I go to Fsecure and start reloading the safe a message appears cant finish instalation update "KB2999226 is missing download this update. I go to microsoft and start to download KB2999226 and a message appears "not applicable to this device" What can I do.


  • Simon
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    You didn't say which version of Windows this is, but have you tried to uninstall the update?

  • nanonyme
    nanonyme Posts: 145 Path Finder


    there's also a command 

    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Scanhealth

    that can be run as admin to scan your operating system for corruption given new enough Windows (this is essentially a case of operating-system-level corruption) assuming you picked the installer for right operating system.

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