[Mobile Security] Scanning never ends

Android 6.0.1 on Lenovo Tab TB-8703F

F-Secure Mobile Security Version 17.3.00139110 FS_GP, Scanner-Build 1.3.241700


On starting a scan files are scanned and after a long time scanning stops on the 2'563th file and it says below, that the scanning of the file "host_driver_logs_cur..." takes some time.

I was waiting now for more than 48 hours and scanning never ends, it's still on this file and this message.

What can I do, that the scanning ends?


BTW: Until now it says zero infections and zero not desired apps.


Anyway, I tried to post a support request for a support ticket and not a question in a public forum. As it seems to be, there is no way to do this. On clicking on "support request" I'll directed all the times to the FAQ and from there to the forum.


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