100% CPU usage after recent update.


Basically, after updating to 1803 build, program called "Host Process" have started to use extremely amounts of my CPU, combined with rest of the programs, CPU usage often reaches 90-100% which makes my computer slow, restarted the PC always solves this problem. 


I've already tried to reinstall F-secure, but it still keep doing this. 

I've also checked if fast boot was on - its not. Also i've noticed that some other people have this problem as well, but i've yet to find any solution or reason for this.  


Could someone wiser give me any tips on what to do next? 

I'm thinking of bailing from F-secure ship untill this gets fixed. 




  • Ukko
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    Maybe it is an option to contact their official F-Secure Support Channel (chat as example):



    Because there was multiple topics about such trouble (and potential 'timestamp') and since with your situation "fast boot" is not enabled.

    So, maybe F-Secure need some diagnostics logs for proper understanding. Or maybe if it is known trouble (already) - they do response at workhours under Community.



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