Normally when I open a bank site for banking use , then it opens up the security F-SECURE SAFE for protection (normal situation). When I open a common site ( for reading informations and see financial stocks never opens the F-SECURE SAFE to protect it as there is no reason for that. But suddenly today 22-5-2018, when I open this common site (  and see the bank shares for example , immediately activates the protection of F-SECURE SAFE  what was not happening never before. When I open a site for real banking job  I understand the activation of F - SECURE SAFE for bank protection but to do the same for a common site like ( it is not  understandable . Activation of F-SECURE SAFE during banking operation is ok and does not mind me because it deactivates same time the operation of other running programs. But when the F-SECURE SAFE activates with common sites and same time blocks other programms running this is not a normal operation and creates problem . This malfunction started today 22-5-2018. For your information in the settings of F-SECURE SAFE I entered the sites ( and ( in the excluding sites but the malfunction of F-SECURE SAFE operation still exists . Can you please give me some solution. thanks in advance.



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    One option is transfer URL to F-Secure Labs:



    -> Check "I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results"

    -> URL Type as "Banking related trouble"

    -> but there I found that it is not possible to choose anything like "Website should not trigger Banking Protection session". So, maybe it is possible to choose anything and to provide related concern with description-field (and URL to this topic)


    Looks like that your noted URL is a trigger for Banking Protection session directly. Rated as such (as banking or payment related page) maybe.


    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solution).




  • lily3
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    Thank you for your reply Ukko

  • lily3
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    Further above still waiting experts reply on my problem. Presently in F SECURE SAFE settings I have deactivated banks protection and the problem has been solved temporary . Of course next time and when it will be necessary to use Banks then I must first enter F SECURE SAFE settings to activate banks protection again. 

  • lily3
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    Still waiting experts to replay to my problem . below is the picture of setting of F SECURE SAFE where appears that banks protection has been deactivated. So far if i do not get a proper reply soon I have decided to stop renew the licenses of the programm after expires on 7-3-2019.  F SECURE SAFE PART OF SCREEN.PNG

  • Laksh
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    Hi lily3,


    As Ukko has suggested, kindly submit the URL to our labs for analysis in here. Please select the option 'I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results' to give more information. Our labs will have to analyse the URL and update the correct rating.


  • lily3
    lily3 Posts: 19

    Good day


    I already send URLs samples and descrption of the affected programms and waiting Labs results. Thank you for your assistance so far.

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