Help Identify If My License Acquistion Is A Fraud.




An honor to join F-Secure family.


I just bought a license from a local re-seller (Titan Store, TW) online with F-Secure Total, one year for 7 devices for about 30-some USD. The terms said that the code should only be used with their uploaded installer, however I could not install it by numerous mouse clicks. The error message is a freightening red X indicated that the installer could not be started. I'm on Windows 10 1709.


So I download from the official site and after numerous keyboard  interruptions had I reached the code redeem step. And as they said, the code cannot be used if not downloading from their website. The conflicting installer are all with 'SafeNet-Installer' same wording. Have I fallen into a fraudulent accomplice?





EDIT: Removed Picture which contains license information


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