Identifying a device in My F-Secure.

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I am trying to evaluate F-Secure SAFE.

Protected devices are being shown in My F-Secure. How can I be sure what device corresponds with a device icon in My F-Secure?

I see I can change the name of the device in My F-Secure. I can give the device a unique name in My F-Secure. Where in F-Secure SAFE on the device itself can I see that same name to confirm it is the same device?

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  • Simon
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    I could be wrong, but I thought the device name that came up in the portal, was taken from the device itself.  So, whatever you have named your device, should come up in the portal.

  • Marc9
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    Yes, but what if you have 15 devices and some of them have the same name? And what happens when the user changes the name of his device at some point after F-Secure was installed?

  • Marc9
    Marc9 Posts: 4 New Member

    So, this issue remains unresolved?


    I hope F-Secure Support can respond.

  • Ville
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    Hi @Marc9


    At the moment, the device name change will not reflect to the client. This data is not synchronized after installation.



    (F-Secure R&D)



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  • Marc9
    Marc9 Posts: 4 New Member

    Thank you for the info. I have decided to not choose F-Secure.

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