I cannot pay my fsecure and product expired no chat available

Ilkka4 Posts: 2 New Member

I did try to buy this product, but my computer crashed during the time i was about to pay the transaction and before i did get the payment finished. Now i have no idea where I should pay in order to get the product working (no bank account numeber in the payment details which I can find on my own page. I have not gotten any email where I should have any confirmation link or anything.


This really sucks, now I have no protection on my computer until I can contact the support on tomorrow?


  • Ilkka4
    Ilkka4 Posts: 2 New Member

    I mean i did get the confirmation link of the order, but not any link how to proceed to payment. I cannot find a way to pay it from payment section in my own page. If someone knows how to do this i would very much appreciate your help

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Have you checked your SAFE Portal, to see if the licence has been renewed?


    Also, check the Account and Payments section to see if there's anything there.  

    I'm afraid though, there's little we can do to help with account issues on the forum, so it will be a case of persevering to contact Support.


    Contact Support by Phone or Chat

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