Blank/white installation screen


I trying to install my F-Secure safe on my Windows 10 system..But when the installer appears, its empty. Just blank or white screen?


I have tried installation in windows safe mode. I have tried installation as administrator.. Nothing happens, just blank/white screen..


never had that problem in windows 8.1


What could be the problem? Windows is updated.






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  • Simon
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    A few suggestions (in no particular order):


    Perhaps try downloading the installer again, in case somehow the download got corrupted?


    Have you had any other security software on the machine, which has been recently uninstalled?  If so, I would suggest you run that product's uninstall tool to get rid of any remnants that might still be hanging around.


    Is Windows Defender disabled on the machine?  If not, it needs to be.


    It might be worth trying the F-Secure Uninstallation Tool to completely remove any part installation, and start again.


    If none of the above help, come back to us in case anyone else has any suggestions.  If not, then your best best might be to Contact Support by Phone or Chat and arrange to send them an FSDIAG so they can look into the problem for you.

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