F-Secure Rescue Disk : informations


I am currently working on a benchmark of bootable Anti-Virus tools.
In order to make a ranking of the different solutions, I have some questions for you about F-Secure Rescue Disk :

- Can this AV boot with UEFI? Or should I boot in legacy mode?
- Is this AV compatible with Bitlocker? Encrypted hard drive? (i.e. can I enter my decryption key in the AV tool in order to decrypt for scan)
- Which type of detection? Signature based, behavioural, uploaded on cloud ...
- Can I update this AV on another computer than the infected one?
- Do you have some figures on scan efficacity?
- How long did it take to make a scan? (in average)
- Does this AV scan only for viruses or it scans for other malwares (eg. rootkits, adware, spywares, ...)?

Kind regards.


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