Freedome no longer bypasses geoblocking

Freedome no longer gives access to certain online tv content in Spain (in a Windows 10 pc), when I try to view e.g. the channel Cuatro (, I'd put the correct address to their direct online stream, but clicking on Post does no allow it) it now says the content is geoblocked. Never had any problems before, but it's been like this now for at least a few days (even though the ip I have via the VPN, seems to be Spanish). As viewing geoblocked content was one of the primary reasons to buy Freedome, I am very disappointed now. =(


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    Hi Simon7,


    We were not able to reproduce the issue. Please try to access the website using a private browser session and see if the problem occurs then too. If the problem still happens, please provide us the instructions on how to find the non-working video stream from the Cuatro site.

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    I am now trying to view Spanish online tv on another pc using Freedome, just to be sure the problem does not occur only on my laptop.


    Apparently at this moment (1230 EET) the live stream at is visible (in a normal Firefox session, as in Firefox Private mode the live stream does not start; in Edge Private mode it shows), so I think they only block some programs. I've mostly tried to watch it in evening time EET and that's when the geoblocked message started to appear recently. Also note that when opening the Cuatro live stream it first displays three advertisements before the actual geoblocking message (or live stream) appears.


    However, it happens with other Spanish channels, too. E.g. trying to view an episode of the serie Fariña of the channel Antena 3 it now only displays "Contenido no disponible en su zona geográfica":



    Same happens e.g. just now with the live streams of the channels Neox, Nova and Divinity :

     ("Este es un contenido geoblockeado. El video sólo se puede ver desde territorio español")


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    What the...? Why has my response from earlier today been removed, where I only provided additional information with several examples of Spanish online tv content which are geoblocked?


    You don't want anyone else to see and have proof that Freedome actually fails to deliver what it promises, or what?

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    Hello Simon7,


    Your previous post here has ended in our Spam quarantine. I am not sure why it landed in there; it might be due to the links/words used in the post.


    Please note that we do not delete the posts otherwise. I have now released it from the Spam Quarantine and merged it with the post now.

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