F-Secure Host Process 100% CPU W10(1803)



After installing of 1803 F-Secure got really mysterious.

When I start my Computer F-Secure Host Process (Exactly the Service F-Secure Ultralight Hoster) run with 100% of CPU. So i have a little bit time to restart my PC and then when Windows comes back it works normally.


It only happens when my PC is starting from power off mode. After the restart in Windows everything works fine again.




Does anyone have the same problem???


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    Sounds like fast startup feature of Windows at work. It was introduced around Windows 8 and means that poweroff will not clean slate but instead persist and suspend system services and log out all users. As a result from the point of view of your system services you did not shut down at all. Rebooting works as expected.

    However, sounds like there's potentially some bug getting triggered in F-Secure software when resuming through fast startup. As summary

    1) contact support to provide more diagnostics information

    2) verify whether fast startup is actually enabled. if it's not, you don't have good workarounds but if it is, disabling it may help at the cost of making powering machine on a bit slower



  • Hello


    I have similar problem, but in addition to CPU also disk I/O acitivity for F-Secure Host process is high capturing big part of capacity which leads computer to lag.


    System is Windows 10 (Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.431]) and F-Secure Virus Protection

    17.211.122, usage control 2.211.7392.4091 and Common Component Framework 3.11.269.


    Temporary solution was to stop running services of F-Secure and starting Windows Defender.

  • Yeah you right I think. The problem comes from the fastboot.

    I disabled it in BIOS and the problem wasnt there anymore.

  • AmrunAmrun Posts: 2

    Got the same problem. Win10, F-Secure TOTAL.

    Disabled fast boot for now.

    Would be nice if F-Secure could fix this.

  • Mike21Mike21 Posts: 1

    I agree. F Secure why cant you fix this. Im paying for protection that just frustrates me.

  • Me too. Where I can send the bill for they to return my money!!

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