Installing 2012 Beta

I had to restart my computer twice before F Secure 2012 Beta completed its install. Now it is working fine and my home network connected without any problem whereas previously I had to set up a file sharing rule before I could get it to work on the 2011 version.



  • SeifertDSeifertD Posts: 2

    I also had to  reboot to complete installing.

    After reboot all seems to be workin

  • govermintgovermint Posts: 5

    When i installed my computer wouldn't start back up from restarting, it messed up something with my computer, but after a few tries and fixing some stuff i finally got my computer back and running 

  • s4us4u Posts: 7

    A restart doesn't sound bad. It gives the program some room to set all the settings right

  • VilleVille Posts: 522 F-Secure Employee

    Two reboots is the worst case scenario and that should only happen on XP. There must be some other security product installed and when we remove it we want to make sure its drivers are unloaded. That's reboot number one. Then we install our own product and to get the drivers loaded we need to reboot (number two). That happens only in XP, since in Vista and Windows 7 we can get our drivers loaded without reboot.


    If you install to Vista or Windows 7 without previous security products, there is no reboot required at all.


  • SeifertDSeifertD Posts: 2

    I'm using Win7, German, SP1 and had to reboot after a clean install since I got no reaction.

    I did have MS live essentials installed.  These were deinstalled by F-Secure during install.

    If this is the reason for the reboot then it should be mentioned somewhere

  • VilleVille Posts: 522 F-Secure Employee

    If the installer needs a reboot, it will clearly ask for it. You seemed to have some other issues and decided to reboot to solve them. You can report this as a bug (using your beta testing account). If you provide some more information and the logs then maybe we can find out what it was.


  • accidaccid Posts: 4
    Agree with Ville . I had to reboot twice (I`m an XP user) . Everything is ok right now (except my pc is a little bit slower now but that`s another issue:)
  • I had to restart once, and it was removing something left over from my other security. But all in all, it was an easy install.

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