Does it scan all the time on mobile phone

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Do it say scanning all the time on mobile phone


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their Home solutions).


    Maybe it is useful to add more information about your concern.

    For example, does it F-Secure SAFE/TOTAL/Mobile Security solutions and Android-platform?



    -> did you mean 'does F-Secure scanning "system" all the time against malicious item?

    -> or something else like certain feature as 'Browsing protection' or any potential meanings like firewall?

    -> or concern is about 'visible trigger' that something scanned? Or even - there is 'on-going' scan multiple hours?

    I think that F-Secure do 'scan' freshly installed applications and it is possible to launch manual 'scan'. But I think that this is more like 'check' or 'verification' than application/item is safe and known (rather than scanning it with full meanings). In addition, I think that launch application (or any other forms of 'run') will trigger double-check/scan it by F-Secure (as allowing or blocking launch).


    Does your ask is based on certain specific situation? And does it possible to add more information about? Sorry if my words about another one concern.


    Sorry for my reply.


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