Application control: User Decisions should be visible in Policy Manager

Scenario: using Policy Manager and Client Security Premium.

Application Control has "Default action for client applications" set as "User decision".

The user decides to block a remote control software by accident (e.g. Teamviewer)


Problem: The helpdesk technician cannot remotely access the computer, and the user decision cannot be undone without accessing the local computer physically and removing the block from the Client Security interface (or by providing the user with a lenghty and complex step-by-step guide).


Possible solution: User decisions about applications should be reported back to Policy Manager and be visible under Application Control in the Policy Manager Console. This way admins could revert unwise User decisions easily, and the admins would also have visibility into which applications have been blocked or allowed by the user.


Current workaround: Default action is "allow" and the admins disallow known unwanted applications.


Please consider having the application control decisions reported to Policy Manager.