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I have a trial of Fsecure safe and I’m getting a message saying my sub will expire in 2 days. I’m sure I didn’t add the auto renew feature but I’m seeing many people saying they got charged anyway. I’m trying to make sure my subscription is cancelled and that it doesn’t auto renew but no where in account settings or order tabs giving you any information or way to disable or unsubscribe account. Even if I wanted to change my bill info, it tells you to go to order tab but when you click on it, it doesn’t show you anything. It’s like the app doesn’t want you to find a way to unsubscribe. Ill cancel my credit card before let you guys take my money. I would rather not and just find a solution to this before the trial is up tho.


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    Just a friendly recommendation from a peer: contact support long before there's two days left of subscription to ensure progress. Tuesday is May Day so official vacation day in many places and many are expected to take Monday off if possible to have a four-day weekend. Your subscription apparently expires within this period

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    If you go to the Orders and Payments section of your account, it should say whether you are set up for manual or automatic renewal, as below:




    If yours says manual renewal, then they shouldn't take any more money from you.

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    I have a trial of Fsecure safe and I’m getting a message saying my sub will expire in 2 days


    Sorry for my reply.


    I just think that normal trial (F-Secure SAFE or so) is always about 'manual renewal process'. There are some reasons for such:


    -> if there is trial (and not purchase action): you did not provide any information about your cards. Only name/surname : electronic mail address : password for account.

    -> if there is purchase (but used for trial time): subject of auto/manual renewal process should be visible during purchase (duration : count of devices : autorenewal or manual).


    I think about potential troublepoints:

    -- some promotrials (as part of certain promo or something like this) can be with another design;

    -- indeed update 'billing information' is pretty unclear process; but I think that meanings: when there is renewal time and you have to update your billing information: it should be possible to do during 'renewing'.

    -- option of 'autorenewal' or 'manual renewal' can be with tricky wording.



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