Man in the middle attack?

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Today I received a pop up on my iPhone 7 Plus stating that “Freedome would like to add vpn configurations” “All network activity on this iPhone may be filtered or monitored when using VPN.” Choice of allow or don’t allow. I  did not choose either and shut down my phone. After restarting It kept popping up preventing use of my phone. I finally got into settings and disabled notifications. My phone has been wiped of Freedome settings and has no protection. Why is this happening?


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    Hi AF6,


    This post here is also similar to your description.


    May I know if you are using the beta version? Or is this the regular Freedome you are referring to? Was it the recent version?

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    It is not the beta version. It is the latest version 2.7.8  I am using a temporary vpn until this is resolved.

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