F Secure Total installed on Windows PC, unable to protect my Smart phone and Tablet

I have 2 spare licenses, but when I try and use these on my Smart Phone or Tablet, I am directed to the google appstore but the Apps are not compatable with my smart phone or tablet. please advise???


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    Hi Mocan2,


    Please advise what is the OS version of your tablet/smart phone?


    You can check this article for the supported OS platforms for F-Secure TOTAL.


  • Mocan2Mocan2 Posts: 4

    Hi My android OS are 4.4.1 on both tablet and smart phone, I now realise that the version of F Secure Safe I previously had was compatable with my devices, it wasn't until I upgraded to F Secure Total that this issued occurred, Is there a legacy version compatable with OS 4.4 devices?


    Besr regards Mocan 2 

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    Hi Mocan2,


    Even SAFE now supports Android 5.0 or later as mentioned in this article.

  • Mocan2Mocan2 Posts: 4


    You are missunderstanding my problem, I cannot run Android 5.0 software on a version 4.4.1 operating system. My prevoious version of F Secure safe was compatable with Version  Android 4.4.1 devices.

    When I try and download the latest version of F Secure from the " google play store App" the App says my devices are not compatable.


    As I mentioned before is there a Legacy version that runs on version  OS 4.4.1 devices that I can down load to my phone or tablet?





  • Mocan2Mocan2 Posts: 4

    Problem solved. Be aware anyone taking out a new subscription to F Secure Safe. The latest version is not compatable with Android 4 phones and tablets. I up graded without reading the latest spec and assumed that these would be downward compatatabe. 


    F Secure don't supply legacy software for Version 4 Android devices...  So be warned.



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