F-Secure and Sticky Passwords


On my kid's (Android-)tablet I installed the apps "Ziggo Safe Online XL" and "Sticky Password".

The App "Ziggo Safe Online XL" contains the anti-virus, time-restrictions and Safe online browsing (from F-Secure).

The App "Sticky Password" is a password manager.


In my kid's profile I cannot use "Sticky password" since it is blocked because it doesnot use the safe browser. Therefore I cannot use "Sticky password" at all. (Configuration is blocked so I cannot enter passwords into the database. Usage is problably blocked, but this I cannot check.)


In my profile "Sticky passwords" works with no problem at all. (On the same tablet, so it is not the virusscanner.)


Is it possible to allow "Sticky passwords" to use an other browser then the safe browser? Or bypass the checking for "Sticky Passwords".



My only solution is the deinstall the app "Ziggo Safe Online XL" and don't use the F-Secure protection.

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