ziggo safe online

ik heb op mijn laptop van ziggo safe online en wil graag de deepguard aanzetten.

Bij instellingen werkt dit niet.

Hoe kan ik dit wel aanzetten?

Met ziggo gebeld en hun weten het ook niet.


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my ask.


    So, just main trouble is that Ziggo Safe Online does not provide a DeepGuard module?

    Or it is available - but disabled and not possible to enable it? Or DeepGuard with disabled state like broken (unexpectedly)?



  • gjvdb
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    Het is beschikbaar maar niet in te schakelen. Schakelaar on/off wil niet ingeschakeld worden

  • Ukko
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    I see.


    Sounds strange.  I'm not sure if there was known trouble with DeepGuard (enable-state) with certain builds (which can be used by Ziggo Safe Online), but did you try to reinstall it already?

    For example, with potential 'clean up' between uninstall and further reinstall?  Maybe Ziggo Safe Online with certain tool for something like "Uninstallation tool" (which possible to use after default uninstalling).


    Also, maybe Ziggo Support (even if it was not useful) do able to transfer such situation to F-Secure Support. Just like investigation about such stuck and if it is unexpected/unknown situation for Ziggo Safe Online solution.


    In addition, does it fresh situation? For example, does DeepGuard works before (or was possible to enable it) - but just recently start be with trouble?




  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi gjvdb,


    The Community is currently in English, it would be easier for the wider audience to understand the post and provide a response for the problem if the issue is described in English.


    As Ukko has suggested, if you are still having the issue even after uninstalling and reinstalling the program, kindly get in touch with Ziggo for further troubleshooting. Their technical team would escalate the issue to us if they are still unable to resolve it themselves.


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