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My kid has found a way to bypass the time limit on an Android device (Google Nexus 6p). She uses split screen functionality: on one section, there is an app with a message about expired time limit, on another section - any app of her choice.


Could you please provide a fix for that? That functionality was the main reason I started using F-Secure SAFE.


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    And my experience is about F-Secure SAFE beta/technology-preview (maybe can be differences). Also I'm completely not friendly with Android platform.


    As my own feedback about your experience:

    -> I managed to 'bypass' time limits with related steps too - but it was not a stable 'trick'.

    I did not try to check more about potential limitations or critical additions to 'always' bypass state.

    Or maybe I wrongly understood 'split screen functionality'.


    So, it is possible that both 'split screen' applications can be 'blocked'. But, time to time, indeed it is possible to trickaround with split screen.

    But anyway - maybe good to contact their direct Support Channels (chat as example);

    For sure that situation will be under investigation. Also, it can be useful if your experience is about 'always' bypass impact with any tries.


    With my Android device (8.1.0) - there is another potential bypass-steps (and some limitations of design). But such bypass-steps - not 'useful' partly.

    For example, pin (lock) application. With steps like: application is blocked (time limits) -> switch to screen where listed 'opened/active' applications  -> remove some of them for being able to 'lock/pin' needed application -> open it -> application tried to be 'blocked' (time limits) - but switched back to locked/pinned state of application and it is possible to use application. Or so. Did not re-check recently.


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    Here is the screenshot of the problem. It takes quite a number of attempts to reproduce (I have spent several minutes), but after you succeed, there is no limit in enjoying e.g. Youtube.


    The trick is to get the locked app on the top screen, and the F-Secure SAFE time limit message on the bottom screen.


    I have got in touch with F-Secure support team, and they are looking into this problem.


    WhatsApp Image 2018-04-09 at 17.33.41.jpegBypassing F-Secure SAFE time limitations via split screen

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    Regarding the pinning/unpinning the application, this can be disabled in the system settings. However, nothing prevents the kid to enable it back.


    1. Tap 'Settings'
    2. Tap 'Security'
    3. Tap 'Screen pinning' and turn it OFF

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