Traffic leaking from other clients?

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Today I streamed from my iPhone to my Apple TV with Freedome on. When the video ended the tv screen started to flicker and for a short while (4-8 seconds) someone elses screen mirror of MacOS desktop and then an IOS screen mirroring appeared on the screen.


The reasons why I suspect the airplay traffic was coming though the Freedome ipsec tunnel:

- Airplay is only allowed from the local network in Apple TV settings

- No other clients on the local network was powered on (nor have I ever used any other devices to airplay)

- I have blocked all incoming connections from WAN in my Juniper Firewall

- The screen mirror was not part of the video I streamed

- There are no other users in my network and I have not shared the wlan password with anyone

- The MacOS had US english keyboard layout (the flag was visible in the status bar) so it’s unlikely that the traffic orignated locally since I’m in Finland


I wish I had realized to try to see if Freedome vpn icon appeared on the mirrored screens but I was too busy trying to take a video of the tv screen.


I was connected to Espoo Finland when this happened.


I always assumed that incoming connections through the tunnel were blocked and clients isolated from each other, is this not the case?


Is there any other explanation?



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    Hi txixkkjy,

    Please provide the following information in order to better troubleshoot this:

    1. What video was that? Was it from Youtube/Vimeo/Netflix/A local file/etc?
    2. How exactly was the video viewed? There are multiple ways on how it can be shown from iPhone to Apple TV, so please provide the full details.
    3. Could that odd content be actually included in the end of the video you watched? Please confirm.

  • txixkkjy
    txixkkjy Posts: 2 New Member


    This was a local file played with iMovie


    Apple TV was chosen as an Airplay receiver in IOS control center and then video viewed in iMovie.

    So the screen was not mirrored, only the video is visible on Apple TV when viewed this way.


    I am certain that the odd content I saw was not part of the video and did not orignate from my local network.



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