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Please fix the problem withthe time display not displaying the correct time (sometimes).  Even though it is permanently connected to mains and internet.  Seth (on live chat) seems to think this is a time zone setup problem - and as it cannot be adjusted after setup - I am stuffed with a time display I cannot rely on.  It is the only clock in the room !




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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Sounds that your feature request is about F-Secure SENSE maybe.

    There is F-Secure SENSE Board:



    Where possible to find some topics about troubles with 'time'.


    Except potential concerns - maybe your situation is about something else.

    At least, SENSE board with two troubles like "not synced time" \ "broken time based on main/control paired device broken time".

    Your description with potential sound that there is something else. Maybe it is good to create topic with F-Secure SENSE Board as potential discussion about (between users and maybe with F-Secure attention) OR maybe some topics already with useful advice.


    What if your experience about unknown trouble, but F-Secure Support overlapped such (if not -> maybe there is some potential known workarounds).



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    Hi Woodcock02,


    May I know which F-Secure product are you referring to here? If it is SENSE and it is related to the synchronization issue to Winter/summer time, please check this post here.