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Hello, Having bought F-Secure Saft for 2 years and 5 devices, I find myself unable to install "F-secure Mobile Security" on two Android devices from Google Playstore: an Acer tablet and a GSM Samsung Galaxy both under android 4.42. Answer: your device is not compatible with this version! A version of 13/05/2012 .... Too old, nothing newer?
The only stated constraint Android 4.1 or higher, which is my case.
False advertising ?
Thanks for your help.


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Just like my own unofficial feelings:


    -> your purchase is about F-Secure SAFE; Most likely good to try install "F-Secure SAFE" on Android devices (rather than F-Secure Mobile Security);


    -> But I think that there is another trouble. JUST recently F-Secure Android security solutions like F-Secure Mobile Security (F-Secure SAFE included maybe) comes with end support for Android less than 'Android 5'.

    I check page of F-Secure SAFE (their website) and technical details with such information too.


    Smartphones and tablets
    Platforms:Android 5.0 or later, iOS 10 or later 


    Sounds that official Google Play page is also about such information (at least, with web-browser).


    So, where it is possible to get information about "Android 4.1 or higher" (which was indeed there and maybe still available with large count of places -> because changes is too recent event).


    With my experience: such change is explained as 'sync' with Google own policy about EOF of platform.

    I think that if your purchase was just recently and it is unexpected trouble with unsupported Android platform - maybe good to ask for refund. Most likely, F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example) is expected place for this query:



    Or maybe there is available some workarounds. My own 'outdated' device with previously installed F-Secure solution with active installation (but it will not receive any further updates after certain timestamps). So, it will be outdated F-Secure MS/SAFE.



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    Thank you, actually I got myself for Android 4.4.2 .....
    Fortunately I still have Freedom VPN.
    Know if I can find an old version that could work?
    I will contact the technical support.
    Have a good day.

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    Screenshot-2018-4-4 Compare products F-Secure.png


    And yet the indications found on the site today are misleading (screenshot ...)

    Not serious !

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    Good if F-Secure Support will be helpful for you.


    I think that 'technically' it should be possible to receive 'previous version that could work' - but I'm not sure about any designed steps for such. And I'm not sure about reasoned view of it.

    My own feelings -> if your purchase was before 'public available F-Secure EOF support for your Android build' - maybe Support do able to try find any workarounds (if it is applicable for you).

    But if not - most likely - refund with some forms (if count of devices are not needed with such state already).


    In addition, with my experience "Compare" page is also about outdated description. Some other official pages too (except most popular probably). Possible to transfer such concern during talk with Support (like boost up situation; even if such 'EOF' is comes just recently). :)

    I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions) and I'm not so friendly with Android platform.

    Just some generic words about situation.


    I think that something like F-Secure Freedome VPN is much more important for mobile device.

    Because F-Secure Mobile Security/SAFE or any other third-party 'common' Security solutions --- not always too important with careful use of device; but situation is based on what set of SAFE features was useful for you (some of feature possible to replace by third party applications - like 'call blocker'-functionality, or finder-functionality). Also, as it was stated with EOF-description (with my device) -> since Google policy is about EOF(?) too -> it is tricky to provide security for potentially unpatched devices.



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    Hi Biniou84,


    Thank you for bringing this to us and apologies for the late reply.


    I have already highlighted this to our internal team for their further action.


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