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While F-Secure Safe and Savvy Blog still with trouble from this topic and it is still "not possible" to use/read blog with latest up-to-date Windows 10 system and Microsoft Edge.

I want to add some information that with F-Secure Radar portal login page / its "Password recovery" (Forgot password page) place -> such page is also with partly broken view under Microsoft Edge.

Even it is OK with Internet Explorer 11 or with some Webkit-based browsers like Opera, for example.


Based on my brief try to understand about potential reason - looks like that with 'unused' flex-basis -> page will be with expected/normal view under Microsoft Edge (as with another browsers).

It is used under .css-file for next class:

.col {
  flex-basis: 0;
  flex-grow: 1;
  max-width: 100%; 

I'm not sure about flex-usage and such flex-basis (0) functionality - but looks like that when 'unused' Internet Explorer 11 still with proper view and Microsoft Edge start be with expected/proper view of page.


Sorry for my reply. Just like information (that F-Secure Radar portal website and its 'forgot password' page with ?! strange view under Microsoft Edge).




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    Hi Ukko,


    I have moved this post as a separate post as this is regarding Radar and EDGE. Could you please provide me a screenshot of the login/password recovery page in EDGE for Radar?

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    Thanks for your response. And sorry for delay with my reply and attached file.

    I tried with two systems only (both Windows 10) and page with next look under Microsoft Edge:


    I did not attach picture with normal(expected) view - because I'm not sure what view is expected.

    But, for example, with Internet Explorer 11, Opera browser, Firefox browser - view with more common design and potentially normal expected view.



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