receive updates but can't installation


Dear friends, I get updates on Internet security but I do not install the updates and I get a message that it is not up to date and needs updating. Do you know anything about this problem?


  • Ukko
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    Maybe it is good to provide more information. For example, does your situation is next one:


    -- you received a prompt/notification that 'Updates/Upgrade' is available for your F-Secure Internet Security. You did not install it. And such prompt/notification is postponed/delayed.

    Then, you received a prompt that your F-Secure installation is not up-to-date and needs updating. Does such notification is system notification (from Windows) or it is visible under F-Secure user interface?


    I think that maybe good to to re-check ?! does it possible to update F-Secure Internet Security? For example, you did not install the updates based on troubles? Or you did not try it?

    Also, does your experience is about restart system (for example)?


    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Also, can be useful to add screenshot about 'prompt' or current situation (if to install updates/to do upgrade is not possible).



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