Windows phone FSecure Safe stopped working

My Windows phone updated today and my FSecure has stopped working. It wontelaunch.

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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions and Windows Phone).


    There is potential explanation:

    With my own experience and my Windows Phone: before any other changes (like your experience with 'update') I with experience about two situations:

    -- F-Secure SAFE technology-preview/beta is not launched. It is partly broken?! Based on something.

    -- F-Secure SAFE stable is still possible to use.


    I think that with try to reinstall F-Secure SAFE or with Phone upgrade indeed can be 'stop working'-result based on noted article.

    But even if there is internal trouble with software -> most likely there is small count of potential workarounds (except like try to reinstall application - but probably it can be with broken result too, because platform is not supported already (!?) ).


    Does your situation is about steps like: choose/try-to-open F-Secure SAFE and ?! nothing? Or visible start screen and then nothing?




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