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Hello, I think there is something strange about the "community.f-secure.com" site. It makes IE 7.0.6002.18805 HUN use all the CPU resources and essentially freezes for circa 90 sec - 2 minutes. Similar, but not less serious symptoms (45-50 sec freeze) also occur  when visiting "partnerportal.f-secure.com" using IE7 under Vista64. No such problems experienced with Firefox 11 HUN, however. Sincerely: Tams Feher from Hungary.


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    Dear Tamas,


    Since IE 8 and 9 are fully supported and tested by us, we recommend to use them instead of older versions of IE. Hope you had a good coffee or tea break anyway Smiley Wink.


    Kind Regards,


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    Well it works fine with me on IE and google chrome as well  

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