F-secure was suddenly deactivated but I cannot detect a virus? What do?


A small message suddenly popped up saying my F-secure was deactivated although I did not turn it off. I immediatly turned it on again and did some scans without result. Is there a possibility that something harmful is (still) on my PC? Is there a way to scan my Pc with an outside source to confirm that there is no virus or something like that hiding in the shadows and not being able to be detected from F-secure?


Thanks in advance for help


  • Simon
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    It's difficult to say exactly what may have happened, as there are several possibilities.  It's possible that FS may have been performing a program upgrade, and this may have caused the warning, or it may have been Windows itself doing updates, which may have temporarily messed with Security Center, and caused it to falsely report than the AV was disabled.  Did the warning definitely come from FS, or could it have been a Windows dialogue?


    If it doesn't happen again, it was possibly just a one off, but if you are concerned, you could run a scan with the free version of https://www.malwarebytes.com/, to be on the safe side.  I wouldn't advise using the paid for version, as it may conflict with FS.

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