Finding F-Secure SAFE in my HP laptop computor

I can not find that SAFE is installed in my computor despite when I am logging in to my SAFE it keeps telling me that SAFE is installed. In my other computor of the same make an age/type it is clearly visible and I can see that "Computor is secured".

How can I be sure that my laptop is secured and protected?

Problem valid for HP-6570b with W7 Pro newly installed in a new HD in my old computor.

Regards JH

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    In general, if F-Secure SAFE is installed:


    -- possible to re-check that such destination/path:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure

    with "SAFE" folder and its files.


    -- should be visible F-Secure desktop logo and F-Secure tray-picture.

    Also, it should be listed under system list of installed applications.


    If it is not possible to find it - maybe F-Secure SAFE is not installed (or unexpectedly removed). Your words about fresh hard-disk and fresh installation system - so, maybe, previous installation is not uninstalled properly (and, in general, it is still marked as active installation).

    Thus, your "My F-Secure Account" portal can be with outdated view for 'certain device' (or device is about another one).

    I will suggest to try next steps:


    ->> Login into your "My F-Secure Account";

    Choose "Add device" (in addition, possible to 'remove' stuck device from list before it) - chose "This device". Launch installer.


    ->> If F-Secure SAFE is installed - installer should remind about it.

    If F-Secure SAFE is not installed - installer will trigger installation.




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