how can i recover my forgot e-mail address ?

i want recover my e-mail address. im forgot this and have account id on safe.


  • Ukko
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    So, maybe it is impossible with designed steps.


    But does your experience is about too many own mail-addresses? Or did you use aliases or temporary mail-addresses for F-Secure SAFE subscription?


    One option is to use 'password recover' functionality. Type your mail-addresses and then check incoming mail-letters (if your mail-address is pinned to F-Secure SAFE account - should be visible letter).

    Another option is... to use F-Secure Support Channels (chat or phone). But I think that "Account ID" is not enough. But if your ask will be only reminder mail-address - most likely - Support Agents may create some tips about.


    // later added: in fact, there are pretty easier steps to find pinned mail address if you already with installed F-Secure SAFE. But, maybe, F-Secure Support anyway with much more certified advices.



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