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I just activated successfully Anti-Theft for Mobile for my phone. Everything works fine but I wonder what the "Geheimzahl" is (I'm using the German version; in English it's like the PIN-code). If it's the PIN then why is it visible in the settings? I couldn't find any help on this topic.


And where do I enter another phone number in case my phone is stealed and the SIM-card is switched? I've read that the phone number of the new SIM-card is sent automatically to my phone number...




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    that PIN is used to authorize a remote user to send a "lock", "locate" or "wipe" via SMS. The "Geheimzahl"(PIN) is part of that SMS.


    So what phone, what OS?


  • damaja
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    I thought the security code was part of the SMS? Now I'm confused... oO


    And why is it possible to change the PIN without any security barriers? So the person who steals my phone can easily change the PIN in order to make the triggering SMS useless...?


    The question, where the SMS with the thief's phone number is sent to, still stands...



    I'm using Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.1.

  • damaja
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    Ok, just re-installed the app. Appearently the "Geheimzahl" is the phone number which will be used in case your mobile phone is stolen. Just an unproper translation... -.-

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    Hi damaja,


    Thanks for the feedback.

    This is really an unfortunate translation.

    I'll forward this issue internally.


    Best regards,


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