Feature request / suggestions

octaivermatt Posts: 1 New Member


i'm trying the new F-secure SAFE and i have some suggestions and feature request


Feature request


1-Add "shutdown when scan is finished" to "Complete computer scan" screen. There are people with 3TB Hard disk drives, like me, and i dont want to leave my PC on after the scan is completed.

2-Add password protection option, to prohibit changes in configuration

3-Add "pause protection" option in context menu near the clock



1-I would like to have more options in protection settings, like other vendors do.


If F-secure think its unnecessary, so, i think its unnecessary too having a big box with just one button > enable viruse protection.

I suggest to move "viruse protection" to same box of deep guard. So, instead of 1 box with 1 option and other box with 2 options, we could have just one with 3 options. See pictures for more details.



Thank you.2.png1.png