Update computer status/software installation progress more regularly in PSB-Portal

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We have F-Secure PSB and I would like to see that the computer status and software installation is updated more regularly or realtime.

When I start the installation of windows updates on a machine I don't get any feedback of the progress like: Which update is it currently installing? Is it still installing? Or is the computer turned off? I now only see: 'Installation requested', but that doesn't mean anything to me. It would be great if we can see the progress of an update in realtime, like installing... 30%, installing...40% and when the update is in the queue for downloading that it says: waiting for download, and when it's downloading: downloading...30%.

I know continuously need to login to the pc and look at the task manager to see if the f-secure agent is still doing something, because I don't see it's progress anywhere else.

It also happens a lot that it shows a message on the pc that a reboot is required, it would be great if I can see that a reboot is required in the PSB-Portal.

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