Folder system for passwords

I'd like to kindly suggest the implementation of a folder system within the F-Secure Key product (for instance: email, banking, business, ...).

It should allow the grouping of passwords in collapsible folders (like with LastPass) with editable title.


The problem it would solve is the ease of organisation for those who need to manage tens of passwords at once.


  • JRock1
    JRock1 Posts: 3 New Member

    I have used Keeper for ages and there is one very good feature which helps to organize passwords to separate ”Folders”. I wonder why there is so such feature in Key? Hope R&D gets this feature request!

  • JRock1
    JRock1 Posts: 3 New Member

    YES I like this idea! 

  • sfgr
    sfgr Posts: 1 New Member

    Right now I have F-Secure Key just to try it out, next to LastPass. One of the big differences is that I can make folders in LastPass. So, if this does not change in F-Secure Key I will keep my LastPass....