Monitoring family rules - used hours etc.

Hi all, 

Last week i installed save to my childrens Phone  

I wondering,   how ist can remotely check the used time,or left over time.actually  I have to Check directly at the Device Status. Furthermore my doughter is able to use the blocked Apps after time is over .. Bedtime. Did i a wrong setup? Installed it twice, to make shure i havent done it the right way.


Could Someone help in these two questions  

Thanks in advance 



  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I think that it is not possible (currently) to remotely check the 'used' time (like used time of current day; and how many hours else possible to use device). Except such meanings:

    --> owner of device with abilities to check 'available' time under F-Secure application (Parental Control tab).


    And I'm not sure why it was possible to use the blocked applications after time out. Except potential ?! first-time stuck. In general, possible to re-check situation with "My F-Secure Account" portal:
    -> Android device with installed F-Secure SAFE and configured for kids profile;

    -> You log into your account with

    -> Choose 'device'(profile) and chose "Parental control" option.


    Then it should be possible to tweak "App control" (enable it; and restrict access for certain applications); Then double-check settings for Time Limits.


    Does it possible to clarify - what is current state of your experience?



  • surfin_robby
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    Thanks for your support Ubbo,

    i know you are a user too, suporting the comm.


    Yes, only the device owner can monitor the remaining time at the device.

    Your hint... I Checked the exceptions (web-portal )and resetted the app limitations and set them new.

    I will monitor the situation. Actually, during "bedtime", whatsapp notifications are noticeable.


    Found another thing...But I cant proof it atm. 

    It seems, my doughter can override mobile phone whatsapp restrictions with an ipad app (whatspad).

    SAFE isnt working solid on the ipad, so i cant rely on it.

    But.. i can restrict the ipad internet access via our FritzBox, so thats not a big problem.


    Atm i have to lough a bit, because am i doing here?  Best would be, collect the devices and the kids can have a breake from the matrix if our "spoken" rules are not taken seriously. I do not wish this fight to anyone.


    If I found something new, i will post it.


  • Ukko
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    Actually, during "bedtime", whatsapp notifications are noticeable.

    Maybe it is likely situation. I did not re-check such situation with my own experience.

    But I think that something like push/notifications are visible even during bedtime. And only further try to open 'restricted' application (or some other steps) are blocked.

    In addition, SMS/phone is always allowed (and?!). So, in general, only direct access to applications are limited and, thus, such noted notifications maybe indeed will be noticeable under taskbar?! (widgets or so) maybe.


    It seems, my doughter can override mobile phone whatsapp restrictions with an ipad app (whatspad). SAFE isnt working solid on the ipad, so i cant rely on it.

    I think that iOS (?) is not supported for advanced Parental Control features.


    And there are some knowledgebase articles for iOS and time limits:

    My own feelings are that with iOS - F-Secure SAFE is Safe Browser (Browsing Protection functionality). And some potential tweaks for time limits and 'Finder/Locator'.

    While "App Control" as with Android -> only with Android platform currently.


    // But, indeed, I think that "spoken" rules are something what is more important. :)


    Good if you will back with feedback.



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