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I am being remotely viewed from a neighbouring property and would like to know how I can detect, prove and prosecute.


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    Hi TM2,


    Kindly provide more information about which F-Secure product you are using.

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    Not currently using f-secure products , need further assistance.

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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    And sorry for my potential wrong understanding your situation.


    I think that your situation is not enough clear for proper advice and suggestions.

    For example, does it possible to talk with such 'property' about stopping their 'unexpected' remotely viewing? Or even discuss it with some other authorities?


    Then - did you mean 'remotely viewing' your device's activities (desktop, mobile phone or so)?

    If so -> maybe it is good to start from points like:

    -- your devices with installed security solutions and your OS with latest updates;

    -- your router(?) or any other devices with Network is well-protected and also with latest available firmware. Also, that your password for admin panel (if ?! used) with enough strong password; and password for your potential Wi-Fi network.


    And many other potential things. With my understanding - there are pretty large count of potential tricks. So, maybe good to know what kind of impact there AND why such 'remotely view'-state is suspected by you?



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