Running F-Secure Safe on Windows10. The full computer scan keeps deteting APNMPS in the Ask Partnet toolbar as  a Trojan. Clean-up and Delete both seetd on separate occasions, but next scan detect the same again. Is APNMPS a major concern? Is so how can I get rid of it.


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    Sorry for my reply. I am also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Just like side-note: it is possible to contact their direct Support Channels (chat as example):

    And with potential false positive or for clarification about detection - F-Secure SAS:

    My own feelings:

    -- if such application (APNMPC?!) or bundle and Ask-toolbar is not expected items for you - it is suspicious situation;

    -- if toolbar is installed by you (and maybe it was with payload or bundle-software) - maybe there are some steps to uninstall it by common steps like "system Control Panel -- list of installed software" (and, for example, browser's own addons/extensions field).


    Good to re-check with such normal steps. If it is not an option - maybe possible to receive some advices further.



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