Add Possibility to turn off notifications for Computer Protection in PSB-Portal



We have F-Secure PSB and a lot of our users are complaining about the big notification messages they get from Computer Protection.

It would be great if you could add a possibility to turn off these messages, and ideally as option in profiles via the PSB-portal.

A lot off our users are complaining about these big popups.

I don't want to disturb our users with theses messages, because we can check the status ourselfs via the PSB-Portal and people will shutdown/reboot their pc after the end of each day.





  • PondyPondy Posts: 9

    While I was hoping that these irritating popups will be removed is some future release, my hope was totally gone, when I saw a new yet more irritating popup today in the middle of my screen. I also only can turn it off for 2 hours, so every 2 hours I get this popup again.

    Why does a user need to be disturbed in this way. Why can't I just turn off theses messages?



  • UkkoUkko Posts: 3,215 Superuser
    Why does a user need to be disturbed in this way. Why can't I just turn off theses messages?



    Sorry for comment. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    So, turn off these prompts and restart automatically? Or do not restart at all?


    I think that if there is such a prompt - then a restart will be required for proper (further) protection. Or it may even be a fix for known critical trouble.

    If restart is ignored - system is in a  tricky state. If user can save his work (and to do restart) - why not to do so? I think that there should be certain ability to restart system within two hours (or four hours).

    Or such prompts / requests are too frequent?

    Sorry for my English.



  • PondyPondy Posts: 9

    Well both: Have a setting to turn off the prompts in the PSB-Portal and do not restart until a certain timestamp for example after 5 pm. Or at least have a setting 'Do not disturb me in 8 hours'.


    I agree with you that at a certain time you want the computer to restart, but now the user can also timeout the restart with the prompt, so saying that the system is in a tricky state is now already an issue because the user can timeout the restart. And time it out for 4 times every 2 hours is still a lot faster then a whole reboot, logging in again and re-open all your work.

    And I assume that the anti-virus protection won't be disabled in this state, because that would indeed be an issue. But I don't think that will be the case, that would be unacceptable in my opinion.


    For your information: We are using the F-Secure Protection Service for Business, and it has the ability to manage all software updates (Windows Updates and also the 3rd party programs like Firefox/Java/VLC etc) on the computer. And these updates are probably the reason that the computer needs to restart: No problem, I understand, but I don't want to be disturbed in this way and decide myself when to restart without annoying prompts.


    Update: Just got a angry user on my desk, another example why we want these popups to turn off: She was working in a document but while she was typing in her document the popup came and she pressed enter exactly at the moment the popup came, which causes her computer to unintentionally restart while she had an unsaved document. So she lost a couple of hours of work.


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    Thanks for your feedback and explanation about related points!


    Since I am user of their home solutions - design of business solutions is a bit unclear for me (I do not able to touch it).

    I feel that your experience with clear view and, usually, "unexpected" popups indeed are undesirable. I think that current design is based on mitigation for a situation when system is not restarted practically at all(?!).  But, probably, restart is critical there (or, at least, as soon as possible). While still possible to "delay" restart - there is a reminder after some hours (better than "completely forgot that a restart is needed") for a potential tricky state.


    But sounds that some points can be improved slightly. For example, focus on "Later" button; how it appears; or maybe indeed some scheduled options (if such things are not available already).
    Perhaps, such a prompt with changes from ability to "ignore it" (close button on your original screenshot) to inability "ignore it" and only option is "decline" restart and to extend reminder countdown before restart. Although, with setting when system is restated daily (by the way, shutdown maybe is not always enough, at least, based on what is discussed about recent 'default' design of Windows 10 for home use; And I am not sure what is option for business / enterprise editions) - this reminder is not always useful (of course, if restart is not about fix for a critical state).



  • PondyPondy Posts: 9

    Well I can show you a sceenshot of my options in the PSB-portal:


    As you can see below, i'm only able to choose between 'Force restart' which is certainly not desirable, and 'Ask user' which I don't want because of the popups.

    So ideally I would like an option here for let's say: 'Ask user if the computer was not restarted after ... hours'.

    Then you make sure that the user still getting the popup after 8 hours if the computers was not turned off, but it won't interrupt the user.


    And indeed as you already mention setting the default focus on the later button in the restart screen will also help alot: Now the focus is by default on the restart button which can cause a restart when you user presses enter at the moment the popup appears.



  • UkkoUkko Posts: 3,215 Superuser
    So ideally I would like an option here for let's say: 'Ask user if the computer was not restarted after ... hours'.

    Sounds quite logical and with a sense.

    Maybe, as an addition to this feature request (possible to vote it; and, perhaps, Developers check board from time to time) good to write a reply / comment under Bussiness solution board:


    For example, there are release notes for recent builds. Sounds, that this prompt changes are listed there:

    as ""Improved Restart functionality. It now allows to postpone restart and has a count down to the restart time.""


    I am not sure that it can be off-topic. Probably, it is a pretty feedback. And good addition (discussion?!) to the feature request itself.

    All in all, maybe it may boost up situation (attention) for related F-Secure Teams.


    // or even to receive answer "why current design is applied" and whether it is possible to extend / improve this or not.



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