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End user needs to see if scheduled scan is in progress or not. Is it working? Has it started yet? Has it completed? Is it okay to shut down computer now? This would be ever so helpful and is provided by most other security software applications.

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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Just like connect your own feature request with some other feature requests (around noted concern):

    As my own feelings:


    -- In general, user with knowledge how he configured Scheduled Scans (by his own steps); So, it is partly expected information (when it is can be in progress; and does it started or not);

    -- F-Secure will trigger notification/pop-up about Start event (scheduled scan is started with ability to "cancel" it on-the-fly during first seconds - if needed);

    -- F-Secure will show notification/pop-up about Complete-state event (scheduled scan is completed with ability to open scan-report log). In addition, List of recent events with 'entry' about completed (canceled) Scheduled scans;

    -- If there is enabled Gaming Mode (or start be enabled) - Scheduled Scan is canceled;

    -- There are some potential workarounds like to monitor processes/activities (by Task Manager with Windows platform, as example) about these ones about Scheduled scan.


    Even, yes, it is useful to know what is 'current' step of scheduled scan.


    But, basically, does there are any reasons for configuring Scheduled scan with such view that it may be critical to use system during such timeframe.

    But if there is unexpected situation -> possible to cancel Scheduled scan by enabling "Gaming Mode". And then "disabling" Gaming Mode back after some seconds (when Scheduled scan is stopped already).


    Also, does there are any reasons for often Scheduled Scans? Rather some of certain ones with certain time (if needed) when user do not want to use system.


    And does your suggestion is about something like: UI visible changes, Tray-picture indicator or certain visible percent of scan (or count of scanned items; or even their paths)? Does it with another view than noted previous feature-requests? If yes - maybe it is possible to add such points as critical differences with them - just like to create ability to vote this feature request about direct such meanings (and vote previous features requests about common situation).



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    This feature is now in beta and coming later this year to the public version.


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