Windows security center generate false alert - virus protection is disabled

My Win 7 PC has started to report that the virus protection is disabled, but F-secure reports all protection is ok. It happens a couble of times during the week.

Problems started after I installed Mozilla Thunderbird mail program as a secundary mail program. But it is difficult for me to see any logic connection with this.

I can remove the alert by rebooting the PC, or by disable-enable the F-scure Internet Security program.

Henrik P

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  • PrikPrik Posts: 3
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    I found the fault.

    It is a Samsung mobile phone interface program, called Smart Switch, that makes the Windows security center generate false alarm when it is running in the background. I deactivated the Samsung program, so it only runs when I start it. System data:

    My PC is a Dell Vostro 260, with Win 7 Proff. SP1.

    Samsung Smart Switch Ver. 4.2.18014_6.



  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,605 Superuser

    I'm not all that familiar with Thunderbird, but I presume that it doesn't install any third party security software?  Just to check that it's not a coincidence, have you tried removing Thunderbird again, to see if the problem still exists?

  • PrikPrik Posts: 3

    Hi Simon,

    This is strange - I checked active processes both for unwanted running programs and to check if Thunderbird is active or not. Thunderbird does only wake up when I start it, and close when I leave the program. But I noticed that the PC interface for my mobile phone, Samsung Smart Switch was active. I have switched it to deactivated yesterday, and this morning the security center behaves nice. So now I wait to see if it stay this way .. .

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