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I installed the newest version of F-Secure Safe on my son's mobile (Moto G5S Plus, Android 7.1.2, Patchlevel 1/2018) and wanted to use the camera to scan my user's QR code off my phone in Threema. While Threema works great Threema's QR Scanner Plugin gets blocked by F-Secure Family Rules even if they are all turned off in the web portal. My guess is that apps being started by apps are being blocked in general - but how do I allow this one in particular?


Thanks so much in advance!


(Link to the app in question:


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    Sorry for my reply (I'm also only F-Secure user).


    In general, it should be possible to use F-Secure SAS:

    for re-rate wrong detection for applications or wrong categorized URLs.

    So (about your certain situation), it is a little be unclear. Does with your experience ?! Android application is blocked during which steps (and only with such steps)? And how it visible that "blocked by F-Secure Family Rules".




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