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I am a regular user of Freedome, and it's probably the most stable and most updated VPN I've used (and I have used a lot of them). I use it on my phone and computer without any problems whatsoever.


I recently got a license for my parents so that they can run it on their Android TV, I figured it shouldn't be a problem considering it works on Android phones it should work on other platforms with android. I managed to download it to the Android TV. And it works! The locations work perfectly and we are able to enable/disable the app without any issues. 




There have been two major issues.

Input lag and freezing.


Theres a highly noticable input lag at times when browsing on the device while Freedome is active.

And when you turn off the power ~2/3 times the TV freezes with a blackscreen and you can hear the audio still playing. To fix this you have to pull the power plug.


Now, I don't know if the application is designed to be run only on phones and PC or if this is just a issue that is being worked on. I wish to get some input on whether or not these issues will be resolved in the near future.


The TV in question is a Philips 7000 series Android Smart TV.



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    Hi Sami96,


    We have seen similar posts before, like this one here. What is the version of your Android TV?


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    Hi dear, 

    I am a regular user of this VPN and I feel like it is one of the best out there. I watch Kodi on smart tv using this VPN. As you know Kodi provides us paid content for free using some addons, which is totally illegal. But using this VPN, for now, a quite long time, i am totally anonymous and it saves me thousands of dollars yearly. Maybe you're using some older version. Update your VPN first.

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