Protection malfunction

FSecure Safe wont let me run a scan. 

Under "Antivirus" it now states "Your computer is not protected" "Protection malfunction. Restart your computer"

I tried re-starting the computer but problem won't go away.



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    Just like clarification: I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    With my feelings: some reasons may be there.

    And probably good step is try to contact their direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):


    Or if it is not an option -> maybe possible to try reinstallation. Like "Uninstall" F-Secure SAFE by common steps (from system list of installed applications); then restart system, then try to use F-Secure Uninstallation Tool; and then fresh clean installation F-Secure SAFE.


    My opinion that such notification, usually, is based on internal F-Secure checks about accessibility its services or some of critical functionality. Since your list of updates (F-Secure databases/engines) are up-to-date and installed (even good to re-check that it was with such state under direct "List of updates" -> Tools -> check updates -> more information); and there are not clear any other reasons (like installed something or so) -- maybe reinstallation is option.


    Sorry for my reply.





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    Maybe it is good to know:


    ->> does it fresh/clean installation of F-Secure solution?

    Or F-Secure solution was installed some time already and works?


    ->> if second option: does there any changes with system before such 'protection trouble'?

    if first option: does there any other potential security solutions?


    ->> does it possible to re-check what is listed under "F-Secure Updates":

    -- rightclick F-Secure Tray-picture -- "Open common settings" under menu -- check "List of updates".

    All of them are listed as installed?



  • Its an old installation, maybe 2 years. Its been working fine until now.


    Fully up to date with installed updates.



  • I went for the uninstall and re-install option. 


    This worked well and all is ok now. But of course it used one of my spare licences.


    I still have a couple left, so not the end of the world.


    Thanks for replying. very helpful

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    In general, it should be possible to login into your My F-Secure Account and release unused licence (stuck-device - if it is possible to identify such a device). By 'choose' device-installation and choose 'release licence'.

    But even if it will be with stuck-status -> when all licences 'in use' - next try to install F-Secure SAFE should ask for release licences (and re-use them only for active installations).



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