Freedome for Android: option to totally disable data connectivity if Freedome is not connected



I would like an option that would make Freedome prevent any data connection if it is not connected. So if this option is enabled, I am 100% sure I am protected because there won't be any data traffic if, for some reason, Freedome is no longer connected.


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    Sorry for my reply.

    I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Just as addition: there was such feature requests about maybe related meanings:


    Possible to vote them - because what if F-Secure FREEDOME team will check them later and its status.


    With your description - it is a little be unclear about some points (for me). For example, does it with abilities to break normal usage of device? For example, how Freedome should to determinate that Freedome should to rule network connectivity of device already? Or it is always? If always -> if Freedome with internal troubles -> not possible to use device at all?


    And if device with disabled network connectivity -> there is already good state. But I think that even with timeframe between established VPN connection and start system -> there may be some internal system connections/traffic (but probably it is safe?!).



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    Thanks for your comment. My post is indeed a duplicate of the first link you gave:


    (not the second one though)


    I'm not 100% sure to understand your remark but i'll try to clarify.

    In the Freedome options there would be for example a checkbox "block any connection if the connection to Freedome is lost". If this checkbox is ticked then there cannot be any connection that would not go through Freedome. If Freedome is not connected then not connectivity at all is possible. I agree connections must be blocked at system startup so there can't be any connection before Freedome is running.


    If Freedome has a problem and break the normal usage of the device as you said, then just untick the checkbox and open a defect. This would be a bug that would require a fix.


    There is at least one VPN application that has this feature. 

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    Thanks for your reply. So, yes, sounds as requested 'kill-switch'.


    Probably your clarification with good view and well-reasoned. At least, it sounds for me as logical feature/ability.

    Also, for example, I'm not sure why F-Secure Freedome Team did not implement such option (yet?!).


    For except noted functionality that even at system startup there can't be any connection before Freedome is running (but maybe with 'inclusion it' - if there is autorun/autostart Freedome is ticked) ->> I think that when established VPN connection is dropped with unexpected time ->> it is also kind of trouble - which should be fixed (unclear reason for unexpected drop established VPN connection).