F-Secure keeps blocking my weekly puzzle file

Every week I download a BigJig puzzle from lenagames.com. It is an exe file (e.g. 181219-molodkin-d.exe). Everytime I run the downloaded file F-Secure blocks me from running it. I then have to click allow and then run it again to install the jigsaw puzzle. This is very irritating. How do I stop F-Secure from doing this? It does not stop files that start with a letter like: xmas2017-norlien-k.exe)


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  • Ukko
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    With noted example -> their website with advice that if even Windows Defender will trigger notification/prompt about executable file -- possible to download unpacked item (.jg6).


    But, in general, if you are sure that noted files (does it third-party based OR all of files are created by website's owner?) and any of them are safe and clean: MAYBE possible to exclude certain folder where you will store such files:



    Then, maybe it is good try to use F-Secure SAS:


    with certain examples and items. what if F-Secure Labs do able to improve their detections and avoid false positive detections based on such files.


    I think that F-Secure notification (about launch file) is partly reasoned. It is MAYBE rare application; maybe unsigned, maybe with packers or other protectors; then maybe it is container and will produce another files.

    In addition, what version of F-Secure is installed? And does your noted example is still detected/blocked by F-Secure (as example)?



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    Yes I know about that option but that means that I have to manually paste it into the puzzle program's directory. I do not see why I need to do that. With last week's puzzle I downloaded it, disconnected from the net, deactivated F-Secure, ran the installer and once it was installed I reactivated F-Secure.

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    Just like potential feedback-ask:


    Does it means that last week's puzzle is also with detection at installing (or for installer at launch)? OR it was just generic steps for avoid potential detection/blocking by F-Secure?


    I think that maybe your experience can be about DeepGuard detection (as "Rare application" is launched; with potential suspicious triggers as addition). If so  -> maybe it is possible to re-check "List of recent events" (rightclick F-Secure tray picture -> Recent events) and "Allow" blocked item. Like allowing such file (exclude it).



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