F-Secure Antivirus blocking the trading terminal Meta Trader MT4, MT5



F-Secure Antivirus blocking the trading terminal Meta Trader MT4, MT5. Message of initialization error 4.
I can't start the programs. Only if I disabled the antivirus program, the programs Meta Trader MT4, MT5 are started.
Tell me please how to fix a problem?


  • Ukko
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    One of steps are:

    ->> to contact F-Secure Labs and transfer to them noted executable-files:


    with description and further information.




    ->> another workaround is to exclude certain executable or folders (destination) under F-Secure AV settings. But it is not a fully good design (because it will allow any actions of any excluded files or folder's files). If you are sure that these files are safe -> it is normal temporary workaround (until you receive response from F-Secure Labs).

    Kind of instruction:


    In addition, there was such topics about:


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    Thanks for the advice. I contacted the F-Secure Labs and waiting for an answer.

    I chose the option UI > Settings > Virus protection > Exclude files from the scan and add terminal.exe to the "Objects" tab. 

    Is it safe if the terminal.exe will be in the list of exceptions? After running the program, will the antivirus program scan it in real mode? May be it important after the start of terminal.exe to clear the program from the list of exceptions?


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  • Ukko
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    Based on this discussion:


    sounds that maybe F-Secure do not block/detect it (so, even I think that to contact F-Secure Labs is useful; what if it is possible to tweak situation anyway - but most likely - it will be with unclear statement; but, anyway, should be certified advice from them).

    Since it is potentially own software intergrity/protection layers (when F-Secure scanning/analyzing/hook is marked as 'something suspicious') -- most 'valid' solution is excluded executable file.


    So, what about further points of it:


    -> I'm not sure if it is safe or not; but 'terminal.exe' under the list of exclusions/exceptions are potentially less protection than can be. Because F-Secure AV will ignore its activities ... and ... if your F-Secure solution is one of recent (where only one "exclusion list") builds - it will not scan it in real-time scanning (or even by DeepGuard as deeper analysis).

    Thus, if such executable will perform something malicious (but maybe unlikely - since you trust such application/software, for example) OR if it will be used/exploiting by some other malicious software -> so, most likely it will be critical impact. But I'm not sure that it is too much likely trouble.


    And I think that it is possible to try clear the program from exclusion-list after start (and then repeat it with each launch) -> MAYBE if it will work and software is not stop -> it will create more safe state.


    But I'm also only F-Secure user and it's only my own unofficial feelings.

    There is such knowledgebase article for F-Secure business-solutions:

    where some points are valid to home solutions and general meanings too.



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