No option to transfer license to Iphone


I have a two year F Secure Total license for 5 devices.


In this long time frame, people do change their devices so please make it easier for people to release & transfer licenses!!!!!


So we have a Mac and two iphones. We changed phones so apparently they are now using 4 licenses, even though the old phones no longer "exist". As I had to reinstall Freedome on my computer due to connectivity issues, I ran out of licenses and it asked me to transfer a license.  Very stupidly, in the confusion I accidently picked one of the phone licenses rather than the old Mac license. So my computer now takes up 2 licenses, and my phone license was deleted.


Now here is the problem: After I did this, my phone doesn't even allow me to transfer a license anymore, even after reinstalling,  it just says: Subsciption expired & contact customer support. No other option.


Customer support suggested this: Reinstall on computer (not IOS) and transfer a license. This should free up a license.


But of course it doesn't!


Since you TRANSFER an old license to the new installed program on the same computer, no license frees up.


What I need is to be able to transfer ON IOS!




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